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Mortgage Checklist


•   W-2’s for the previous two years

•   Paycheck stubs for the last 30 days (most current)

•   Employment history for the last two years (address any gaps of employment)

•   Checking and saving account statements for last 3 months (all pages). All non-payroll
    deposits must be documented – please make a copy of the check before you deposit it.

•   Statements for 401(k)s, stocks, other investments (most recent)

•   Signed tax returns from the last 2 years

•   Residency history over the last two years, with name, phone number, address and account
    number of landlord or mortgage company

•   If you paid off a mortgage in the last 2 years, need copies of HUD1 or Release/Satisfaction

•   Photo identification (valid Driver’s License or Passport) for applicant and co-applicant

•   Check or credit card information for credit report and appraisal fee


•   Copies of most recent 2 years corporate tax returns (with all schedules)

•   YTD profit & loss statement and balance sheet

•   Copy of business license or CPA contact information

•   1099s or K1 forms


•   Veteran DD214 or Veteran Reservists DD256

*   Additional items may be requested during the loan underwriting phase if more information
     is required to guarantee your loan 


•   If Refinancing: Copy of Note, Deed of Trust or Mortgage, HUD 1 Settlement Statement,
     Survey, and Homeowner’s Insurance information

•   Previous bankruptcy – need copies of Petition and Discharge, including supporting
    schedules A through K

•   Divorce Decree (if applicable)

•   Relocation Agreement – if relocation move is financed by employer, i.e. buyout agreement
    plus documentation outlining company paid closing costs benefits

•   Documentation supporting moneys received from social security/retirement/disability,
     i.e. copies of direct deposit bank statements, awards letter, evidence income will continue
     for at least 3 years

•   Rental property – copies of leases, plus mortgage statement, homeowner’s insurance
    and property tax statements


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